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The "Principal Curmudgeon" after he first started at Netscape in '95--working on a PC no less!

Netscape Navigator 3.0 Shipping Party, August, 1996

Phil would never miss out on a party and an opportunity to have fun!

-- Jean-Charles Mourey

Long-time pals Phil and Tom Paquin high-fiving each other.

Phil goofing around after what he claimed to be his eighth gin&tonic...

Nov. '96 Netscape ACME dept. off-site to Napa Valley

we made a special stop at Duckhorn vineyards so Phil could pick up some bottles of his favorite Merlot.

Netscape engineering ocean fishing expedition

Phil is wearing the famous Netscape 1st Anniversary wind breaker jacket.

Phil proudly displaying his adept skill at catching seaweed.

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