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Phil's 50th Birthday Party, Feb 28, 1997

The last time that I saw you all together was at Phil's surprise 50th birthday party. That night Jan confessed that, in order to throw a suspicious Phil off the track, she'd told him that she'd found 2 girls to do a naked bungee jump with him. We hoped that he wouldn't be disappointed... Jan also made me laugh with her idea for the inscription on the cake. Phil used to sign cards/messages "TOFBG" (The Old Fat Bald Guy). Jan added an "R" for "Really": TROFBG. -- Dana Treadwell

Phil and Shannon McElyea

Phil and his sister Joanne

Nancy Teater, Phil, Bob Ayers, Pam Verno Ross, Smokey Wallace

Phil, David Jefferson, Rashida Misiwolo, David and Jan

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